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Easy Ways to Lower Your Air Conditioning Bill

by Number 1 | April 8, 2021

Air conditioning units have become standard fixtures in today’s homes.

AC makes it easier for us to spend our summer days without worries which would have been a struggle otherwise. But as good as they are, no one can deny that they are the leading cause of rising electricity bills in summer. In fact, the Department of Energy states that air conditioners consume 6% of the total electric energy in the US.

Many homeowners fall prey to the waste of energy and enormous electricity bills. But if you are smart about it, you can reduce both of them to an acceptable level, which also has the side benefit of decreasing dangerous carbon emissions. Here is a small list of ways to help lower your air conditioning bill.

  • Check your Windows:

When the AC is running, ensure that all the windows are closed. If the windows are open, all you are doing is allowing that cold air to escape. The warm, humid air will enter the room, and the cycle will be continued until you seal all the cracks and exits.

Just making sure that the windows are closed is not enough. Check if there are any cracks or holes in the frame that are allowing the air to escape. If your windows are old, it’s possible that the closed window is not enough to insulate your room, so you may need to upgrade it completely.

  • Get An Appropriately Sized Unit:

Many people go on to buy air conditioners of a size that is not appropriate for their home. Suppose you buy a bigger unit than is required; all you will accomplish is excess energy wastage. Similarly, buying a smaller-sized unit will result in the appliance working overtime to cool your room.

  • Use Fans and Natural Air:

Running AC is all well and good, but running it 24/7 is just a waste of energy. So turn off your air conditioner during the day when you are not at home. Nights are cooler than days, even in summer, so that you can turn off the appliance then too. Other than that, when your room has cooled down to an acceptable level, use the electric fan instead of the air conditioner. Doing this will sharply reduce your electricity and air conditioner bills.

  • Insulate Well:

Make sure that the walls and roof of your home are properly insulated. Because the lighter colors are much better at deflecting heat than darker ones, choose a lighter color for the roof. Try to block the sunlight by investing in light-blocking curtains.

  • Perform Regular Maintenance:

Performing regular maintenance is necessary to maintain the efficiency of the air conditioning system. With the help of regular cleaning and maintenance, you can easily save a lot. Replace your HVAC filters when needed, and regularly check for any irregularities in the unit.

  • Turn Off Heat Inducing Sources:

All electric appliances are a source of heat generated in your living space, including computers, microwaves, printers, refrigerators, stoves, etc. It’s best to turn off all the appliances when not in use while the air conditioning unit is running. You can also place them strategically all around your home to ensure proper ventilation.

  • Set Your Thermostat:

Setting your thermostat at a comfortable level can ensure that your home will get enough cooling without wasting too much energy.

  • Run Your AC At Lower Levels:

Instead of running the air conditioner at 18oC, run it at 25oC or 27oC. The AC will still cool down your room, but it will not take that much energy and increase your bill.

These few tips could help you save money and lower your carbon footprint. If you have any questions or comments, or would like a free Air Conditioning inspection, don’t hesitate to call us.

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