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HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreement

HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreement (PMA)

Safeguard Your Home with our HVAC Preventative Maintenance Agreement

Just like you pay for regular maintenance on your car to avoid expensive repairs later, the same principle applies to your HVAC system. Especially in Albuquerque's demanding climate, opting for our Preventive Maintenance Agreement (PMA) provides homeowners with the assurance of keeping their HVAC system in peak condition while avoiding major costs down the line. This is the peace of mind that our PMA offers.

Benefits of Choosing a Number One HVAC PMA

1. Enhanced Efficiency and System Longevity: Maintain up to 95% of your system’s efficiency yearly, prolonging its lifespan and performance.
2. Cost Predictability and Savings: 
Avoid unexpected repair costs with predictable maintenance expenses and access to discounted service rates.
3. Minimized System Downtime: Regular inspections help catch and resolve issues early, reducing the risk of costly emergencies.
4. Reduced Stress: With priority service, especially during peak seasons, you can relax knowing that help is quickly available when needed.
5. Significant Energy Savings: Efficient systems use less energy, saving you money on utility bills and extending equipment life.
6. Priority Service: Members receive priority over non-members, ensuring quicker service responses.

Ready to Protect Your Home?

Choose a Preventative Maintenance Agreement today and ensure your home HVAC system is always in top condition. Contact Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric for your HVAC PMA  needs.

Heating & Air Conditioning PMA

  • (1) Seasonal Heating Service
  • (1) Seasonal Cooling Service
  • (1) 1st Standard filter replacement
  • Smoke alarm battery replacement
  • CO Testing
  • Priority Service (scheduling within 24 hours)
  • 15% labor discount
  • One year warranty on Heating & Air Conditioning repairs
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