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Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance in Albuquerque

Everything You Need to Know About Solar Panel Maintenance in Albuquerque

by Number 1 | November 12, 2022

Have you talked to a solar company in Albuquerque about solar panel installation? Curious about whether it’s a good investment for your home? Many Albuquerque residents have made the switch to solar energy. If you’re considering installing solar panels, you’re probably contemplating several questions: Which solar company can I trust to provide my home with top-quality solar installation and maintenance? How much maintenance do solar panels require? What is the average annual cost of solar panel maintenance? At Number One Plumbing, A/C, Solar, & Electric, we’re happy to help you learn everything you need to maintain your solar panels. Our company specializes in installing and maintaining reliable, high-efficiency solar panels in the Albuquerque area. We have a team of experienced professionals ready to answer your questions and provide exceptional service. With over ten years of experience installing photovoltaic systems, you can trust you’re in good hands when our professionals are installing and maintaining your solar energy system.

How Often Do Solar Panels Require Maintenance?

Once your solar panels have been installed, keeping them appropriately maintained is essential. Although your solar panels shouldn’t require frequent maintenance, hiring an experienced professional is imperative when occasional upkeep is needed. At Number One Plumbing, A/C, Solar, & Electric, we are ready to help!

One of the factors you’ll face will be the occasional accumulation of dirt or debris on your solar panels. Dust and pollen are prevalent in the Albuquerque area year-round, but keeping your solar panels clean is a breeze with Number One Plumbing, A/C, Solar, & Electric. Usually, you can expect to clean your solar panels once or twice a year, depending on the weather conditions in your area. Some conditions, like a lack of rain, excessive wind, or pollen, can cause debris to accumulate faster. Pay attention to your solar energy output, which can indicate when your solar panels need cleaning. When dust and debris have accumulated to the point that impacts the efficiency of your solar energy system, you may notice a slight decrease in energy output or an increase in your regular energy bill. Our solar experts provide services ranging from solar panel installation to occasional repairs and maintenance.

An annual inspection by a licensed professional is recommended to check your solar panels for any damage. These yearly inspections are essential to ensure you’re getting the optimal performance from your solar energy system. Our company has a team of certified professionals happy to provide Albuquerque residents with thorough follow-up care and inspections!

Is It Expensive to Keep Your Solar Panels Maintained

Maintaining solar panels costs less per year than the average yearly cost of electricity. Usually, the annual expenses associated with solar panel maintenance are limited to one yearly inspection and one or two cleanings. One of the biggest benefits of solar energy is the money you save every year. Solar energy is an investment that generates savings you’ll notice for months and years to come. Even if you require more than one cleaning in a year, you’ll still spend less on solar energy maintenance than on standard electricity. Our company is here for you when you’re ready to get your solar panels cleaned and inspected! We’re Albuquerque’s experts in ensuring that you get the most energy–and savings– from your solar energy system.

Benefits of Well-Maintained Solar Panels

In recent years, many New Mexicans have seen a noticeable fluctuation in PNM rates. As it becomes more difficult to accurately budget your electricity bill, more homeowners are considering solar energy as an economically sound alternative. The cost of solar panel maintenance is predictable and a fraction of the cost of an average year’s electrical bills. At Number One Plumbing, A/C, Solar & Electric, we provide high-efficiency solar panels built for quality, durability, and reliability. Our company’s top-quality services and products generate consistent, clean power to your home.

Solar energy systems can last 25 years or more with proper maintenance. When you keep your solar panels adequately maintained, you can maximize your energy efficiency and the overall longevity of your solar energy system. You’ll experience the benefits of efficient energy for years, from monthly savings on your electrical bill to state and federal tax rebates every year.

Installing solar panels can also increase your home’s marketability and value if you decide to sell. Recent studies indicate that solar panel installations can boost property value, so keeping your solar panels in the best condition possible is an excellent way to maximize your investment.

Number One Plumbing, A/C, Solar, & Electric Is A Leading Plumbing and Solar Company in Albuquerque

Keeping your solar panels maintained is as easy as calling us at Number One Plumbing, A/C, Solar, & Electric. Our company’s team of trusted experts is NABCEP certified, knowledgeable, professional, and happy to guide you through each step of the maintenance and installation process. We’ll come to you when you’re ready for your annual inspection or when it’s time to clean off your solar panel. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

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