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Key Plumbing Maintenance Tips for the Spring and Summer

by Number 1 | April 15, 2024

As spring rolls into summer here in Albuquerque, increasing temperatures and activities can strain your plumbing system. Here's how you can prepare with Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric to avoid plumbing disasters and keep your system running smoothly.

Inspect Your Plumbing Fixtures

Start by checking all your faucets, showers, and under-sink plumbing for leaks or signs of damage. This is an ideal time to identify and replace any corroded or rusting components, which can prevent more significant issues like burst pipes later on.

Monitor for Sweating Pipes

Summer heat can cause condensation on your cooler water pipes, leading to "sweating." This condensation might seem harmless, but it can wastewater and potentially damage surrounding areas. Consider insulating your pipes to prevent this problem.

Test Your Toilets for Leaks

Toilets can often develop leaks that go unnoticed but can significantly increase water bills. A simple test using food coloring in the tank can reveal hidden leaks if the color appears in the bowl without flushing. Address these leaks immediately to prevent water wastage.

Examine Washing Machine Hoses

With the increased use of your washing machine for summer clothes and outdoor gear, now is the time to check the hoses for any signs of wear or damage. Rubber hoses can degrade over time; replacing them every five years is a good rule of thumb to prevent bursts.

Clean and Test Your Sump Pump

If your house has a sump pump, ensure it is clean and functioning correctly to avoid flooding before the monsoon season hits. You can test this by pouring water into the pit to see if it activates and drains the water quickly.

Maintain Your Sprinkler System

Ensure your sprinkler system is free of clogs and damages at the start of the season. Check each sprinkler head for obstructions or damage, which could affect water distribution and pressure, potentially leading to more severe issues like burst pipes.

Inspect External Hoses and Faucets

Expansion from warm weather can damage hoses and external pipes. Inspect these for any signs of damage or leaks and replace them if necessary to prevent water waste. Also, give your outdoor faucets a test run if they've been off during winter to ensure they're not damaged.

Operate Your Main Water Valve

Test the main water valve by turning it off and back on, which can help ensure it's working correctly and is not too stiff, which can be crucial in an emergency. Consider upgrading to a smart water valve for more accessible control.

Manage Water Pressure

During high usage times in the summer, managing your home's water pressure can prevent stress on your plumbing system. Avoid peak times and adjust your schedule slightly to maintain good pressure throughout the day.


By following these tips from Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric, you can enjoy a worry-free summer with a well-maintained plumbing system. Catching issues early can save significant time and expense, ensuring your plumbing supports rather than disrupts your summer enjoyment.

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