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AC Installation Albuquerque

AC Installation Albuquerque - Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric

Welcome to your first step towards a cooler, more comfortable home in Albuquerque, NM. Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric is your premier destination for expert AC installation and comprehensive HVAC services. Understanding the challenges of Albuquerque's hot climate, we're committed to ensuring your indoor environment remains a refuge from the heat. Our team brings expertise, efficiency, and a customer-focused approach to every installation, ensuring your needs are met with the highest standards of service.

Why Choose Number One

Our dedication to quality is evident in every aspect of our service. With over 20 years of experience in the HVAC industry since 2005, we've built a reputation for excellence in AC installation Albuquerque residents can rely on. Our technicians are certified and continually trained in the latest air conditioning technologies and energy-efficient systems. This commitment ensures you receive the most advanced, cost-effective cooling solutions available.

Our Comprehensive AC Services

Expert Consultation and Customized Solutions: Every home is unique, and so are your cooling needs. Our process begins with a thorough assessment of your space, allowing us to offer tailored AC solutions that match your preferences and budget.

Quality Air Conditioners for Every Budget: We believe in providing high-quality, durable heating and cooling systems that cater to every financial plan without compromising performance.

Seamless Installation Process: Our installation service is designed to ensure efficiency and cleanliness, minimizing disruption to your daily life. We take care of everything, from selecting the ideal unit to final checks, making the process hassle-free.

Maintenance and Repairs: Extend the life of your AC with our comprehensive maintenance plans, and rest easy knowing our 24/7 repair services are always just a call away.

Signs You Need a New Air Conditioner

Is it time for a new AC? Look out for these indicators:
• The age of your unit is more than 10 years.
• You're calling for repairs more frequently.
• Your home isn't cooling as effectively as it used to.
• Your energy bills are on the rise.
• The system frequently short cycles or runs inconsistently.

Why Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric

Choosing Number One means opting for the best in Albuquerque air conditioning service. Enjoy the benefits of working with a team that offers:

• Two decades of expertise in AC and plumbing needs.
• Free written estimates and transparent service fees.
• An A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau.
• High-quality preventative maintenance to save you money in the long run.
• A wide range of AC systems from major brands ensure compatibility and efficiency.
• Innovative solutions for improved indoor air quality.

Ready for a cooler, more comfortable home? Contact Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric today to schedule your AC installation. Our team of certified technicians is here to provide a seamless service experience and ensure your home stays comfortable all year round.

Financing Available

Number One Plumbing, A/C, Solar & Electric makes it easy to afford new models of the industry's finest and most energy-efficient furnaces and air conditioners. Contact us today to learn more about our financing program.

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AC Installation Guide

If it's been 15 to 20 years since you installed your air conditioner—or you're considering upgrading from a swamp cooler—the time for a replacement might have arrived. This duration signifies a commendable service period, but even the best-maintained AC units or swamp coolers inevitably approach the end of their operational lifespan. At Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric, we specialize in air conditioning installations for homes and businesses, transitioning seamlessly from outdated systems to modern, efficient cooling solutions. Through this step-by-step guide, we'll unveil our process designed to maximize the return on your investment, ensuring a smooth upgrade from your current setup, whether an aged air conditioner or a swamp cooler.

Step 1: Personalized In-Home Consultation

Understanding your home's unique needs is our first priority. We'll assess your current system (or swamp cooler setup) and discuss the best air conditioning options for your space. Considering Albuquerque's hot climate, we'll ensure your new AC has the proper cooling capacity, avoiding inefficiencies and ensuring optimal comfort.

Step 2: Old System Removal with Care

Removing your old system, especially if transitioning from a swamp cooler, requires expertise. Our EPA-certified technicians safely handle refrigerant and equipment removal, always mindful of your home's protection. We'll cover your interiors to guard against debris and inspect for any issues that could affect your new AC's performance.

Step 3: Foundation Preparation

A solid, level foundation is crucial for your new outdoor unit. We replace old pads with durable, vibration-absorbing bases designed to support modern, larger AC units, ensuring stability and longevity.

Step 4: Efficient Outdoor Unit Installation

We meticulously install your new outdoor unit, focusing on damage prevention and ensuring all connections are leak-proof. Our use of high-quality components, like filter dryers and expansion valves, enhances your system's efficiency and longevity.

Step 5: Secure Electrical Connections

Safety and compliance are paramount in our electrical installations. We install new service disconnect boxes and ensure all wiring meets the National Electrical Code standards, providing you with a reliable and safe air conditioning system.

Step 6: Indoor Evaporator Coil Setup

Choosing the right evaporator coil is essential for efficiency. We install insulated, easily accessible coils, ensuring they're perfectly sealed to your system for optimal airflow and cooling performance.

Step 7: Precise Refrigerant Line Installation

Our technicians expertly install refrigerant lines, securing them properly to avoid damage and ensuring a perfect fit to your AC unit and indoor coil. All while keeping your home's aesthetics in mind.

Step 8: Condensate Drain Line Implementation

We install a reliable condensate drain line system, preventing moisture buildup and potential water damage, ensuring your home stays dry and comfortable.

Step 9: Thermostat Upgrade

A new, compatible thermostat can significantly enhance your AC's efficiency. Whether you opt for a smart system or a traditional one, we'll ensure it's perfectly integrated with your new setup.

Step 10: Comprehensive System Testing

Before we consider our job done, we thoroughly test your new air conditioning system, from startup to cooling efficiency, ensuring every component functions seamlessly for immediate comfort. At Number One Plumbing, AC, Solar & Electric, your comfort is our mission. Trust us to elevate your home's comfort with expertise and care. Contact us today to start enjoying a cooler, more comfortable home tomorrow.

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